CONGRATULATIONS to Codie Law on being elected as the new President of the NCCA.   Read the full report below. 

THE 2016 Pryde’s EasiFeed National Champion Rider

Congratulations to Michael Hiscock on winning the Pryde’s EasiFeed National Champion Rider Title this year at Warwick riding his horse TipTop.  For full results see 2016 Results.   Again a huge Thank You to all our sponsors – Pryde’s EasiFeed, Nab Agri Business, Davo’s Whips, Codie & Natalie Law, Rod Kaye Bits and Spurs, One Moore Playboy Syndicate, Tom & Jane Williamson.

Welcome to the National Campdraft Council of Australia’s web site,

The NCCA is the umbrella organisation and provides a forum for discussion for the four major Campdraft Associations in Australia. These cover all states and territories and all major events are affiliated. There are no similar associations or competing interests.



The Australian Campdraft Association - ACA


The Australian Bushman’s Campdraft & Rodeo Association - ABCRA


The Southern Campdrafting Association - SCA


The Gippsland Campdraft Association - GCA

The National Campdraft Council of Australia received National Recognition for Campdrafting in 2004, 2009, 2013 & 2014 to 2018 (following Gov. review).

Combined these Association’s have in excess of 12,000 Members Australia wide and growing rapidly.


Important information

At the recent NCCA AGM two rule changes were made.  Please refer the Rule Book for changes relating to rule 4.12 regarding changing sides and Rule 11.2 Regarding Stallion Containment.

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NCCA Committee Updates

National Campdraft Council of Australia

The NCCA held its Annual General Meeting on the 30th November in Melbourne. Thanks to the SCA for hosting the meeting this year. Mr Evan Acton retired as President after serving 8 years as President and 4 years as Vice President. We thank Evan for his outstanding service and welcome Codie Law as our new NCCA President. Jamie Dowling remains as Vice President and Cheryl Joosten remains as Secretary/Treasurer.
The following delegates represent the four associations.
Jamie Dowling
Nick Taylor
Vicki Hiscock
Ron Berkley
Kathy DeJong
Lachie Maxwell
Sean Dillon
Ian Atthow
Hugh Philp
Stephen Shepard

Contact Us

The Secretary NCCA,
130 Yarrabubba Road,
Nar Nar Goon VIC. 3812


Phone: 0416 166027

President: Codie Law:  0429 336835
Vice President: Jamie Dowling:  0428 579186
Secretary: Cheryl Joosten: 0416 166027

Editorial 2016 NCCA Pryde's EasiFeed National Championship

2016 Editorial NCCA Pryde’s EasiFeed National Championship

2016 NCCA Pryde's EasiFeed National Championship

 NCCA Pryde’s EasiFeed National Championship

2015 NCCA Pryde's EasiFeed National Championship

 NCCA Pryde’s EasiFeed National Championship Results

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