The Honour Board consists of Executives of the National Campdraft Council from its inception in 1995 until present. The inaugural Meeting of the NCCA was held on the 27th May 1995.

Date:PresidentVice PresidentSecretary/Treasurer
19th June, 2023Ron BerkleyRohan MarksLaura Comiskey
1st November, 2022Codie LawRon BerkleyCheryl Joosten
1st November, 2021Codie LawRon BerkleyCheryl Joosten
7th August, 2020Codie LawRon BerkleyCheryl Joosten
4th June, 2019Codie LawRon BerkleyCheryl Joosten
27th November, 2018Codie LawRon BerkleyCheryl Joosten
14th November, 2017Codie LawRon BerkleyCheryl Joosten
30th November, 2016Codie LawJamie DowlingCheryl Joosten
2nd December, 2015Evan ActonJamie DowlingCheryl Joosten
9th December, 2014Evan ActonJamie DowlingCheryl Joosten
2nd December, 2013Evan ActonJamie DowlingTony Bowden
9th December, 2012Evan ActonStephen BaxterTony Bowden
5th December, 2011Evan ActonStephen BaxterTony Bowden
3rd March, 2011Evan ActonStephen BaxterTony Bowden
9th December, 2009Evan ActonStephen BaxterTony Bowden
10th December, 2008Evan ActonStephen BaxterTony Bowden
27th November, 2007Peter CooksonEvan ActonTony Bowden
30th October, 2006Peter CooksonEvan ActonTony Bowden
29th October, 2005Peter CooksonEvan ActonTony Bowden
30th October, 2004Peter CooksonEvan ActonTony Bowden
25th October, 2003Peter CooksonEvan ActonTony Bowden
26th October, 2002Ed McCormackEvan ActonTony Bowden
27th October, 2001Ed McCormackFred PattersonTerry Halcroft
28th October, 2000Ed McCormackFred PattersonTerry Halcroft
30th October, 1999Phillip KirkbyBill BrightTerry Halcroft
24th October, 1998Phillip KirkbyNeil WardTerry Halcroft
25th October, 1997Phillip KirkbyNeil WardTerry Halcroft
25th October, 1996Phillip KirkbyNeil WardAlison Gimbert
27th May, 1995Pat KellyPhillip KirkbyAlison Gimbert

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Updated 1 September, 2022

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2023 Pryde’s Easifeed NCCA National Championship
Final 2023 Placings:
1stBen Hall ACA riding Chisums Cash
2ndMat Holz GCA riding Tarraway Grace
3rdRohan Marks ACA riding Eden Vale Aramis
4thMichael Hiscock GCA riding Dolly
5thCraig Irvine ABCRA riding Tarraway Rainey
6thJess Hoffmann ACA riding Amrosie
=7thTony Mortimer ABCRA riding Little Abbey
=7thBonnie Hiscock GCA riding Mewburn Park Bewick