The NCCA provides a forum for discussion between Campdraft Organizations throughout Australia.

The NCCA maintain national recognition for the sport of Campdrafting and promotes campdrafting on a National and international level.

The sport of campdrafting is based on the skills of the men, women and horses who traditionally worked in the cattle industry in Australia. Its origins go back to the 19th century where the segregating of cattle for sale, husbandry or breeding purposes was done by stock persons and horses without the use of yards or permanent facilities. On-farm rivalry in these skills developed into local and regionalized competitions in the early days.

As horse transport has improved, participation in the sport has grown enormously to the stage where competitors across the nation meet at major venues. These may attract in excess of 600 entries per event. While the majority of participants have some contact with the cattle industry an increasing number come from urban backgrounds.

The sport caters for people and horses at various skill levels and attracts all ages and sexes with juvenile competitors being particularly well catered for. The competitions in rural and remote areas attract large crowds and provide valuable social interaction and lifestyle to the people who live and work in this environment. The sport is particularly family-oriented and provides an important link in the social fabric of the community. At an organizational level, regional Associations were formed to standardize procedure. and this has progressed to the stage where the NCCA is the umbrella organization.

The sport of Campdrafting is governed in terms of a safe and competitive environment that emphasizes sportsmanship and caters for the measured ability of competitors.

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Updated 1 September, 2022

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2023 Pryde’s Easifeed NCCA National Championship
Final 2023 Placings:
1stBen Hall ACA riding Chisums Cash
2ndMat Holz GCA riding Tarraway Grace
3rdRohan Marks ACA riding Eden Vale Aramis
4thMichael Hiscock GCA riding Dolly
5thCraig Irvine ABCRA riding Tarraway Rainey
6thJess Hoffmann ACA riding Amrosie
=7thTony Mortimer ABCRA riding Little Abbey
=7thBonnie Hiscock GCA riding Mewburn Park Bewick